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018 cone spot firing for gold lustre.

Please check availability and lead times before purchasing.

Please read the information below carefully.
26'' x 13''



Available in Montreal only, at 5479 Rue de Bellechasse.

Includes one gold firing cone 018.

Set dimensions: One half-round kiln shelf (26” x 13”) with a maximum height of 8” (around eight 6” x 6” pieces or twelve 4” x 4” pieces).

How it works: check availability and lead times.

Please drop off your pieces for luster firing in the cabinet outside any time. Please bear in mind the placement of kiln posts indicated on the board and check the maximum height of your work using the guide provided.

We are not responsible for broken pieces or final results.

You will be responsible for any damage to the kiln or kiln shelves and you may be billed for it. ($50 minimum)

Packing materials cannot be left on site.


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