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Firing services

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Monthly firing subscription (fee for one month, to be renewed monthly as desired)
26’’ x 13’



Available in Montreal only, at 5479 Rue de Bellechasse.

Includes one glaze firing (cone 6).

Set dimensions: One half-round kiln shelf (26” x 13”) with a maximum height of 8” (around eight 6” x 6” pieces or twelve 4” x 4” pieces).

We will require proof of clay and glaze if you are not using our materials.

Please bear in mind the placement of kiln posts indicated on the board and check the maximum height of your work using the guide provided.

Please remove all glaze from the feet and bottom 3 to 5 mm of your piece to keep it from sticking to the kiln shelf.

You have 2 weeks to come collect your pieces. We cannot keep unretrieved pieces after 2 weeks.

We are not responsible for broken pieces or final results. We reserve the right not to place a piece in the kiln if it is deemed not dry or if there are traces of glaze on the foot or bottom of the piece. We are not responsible for broken pieces.

You will be responsible for any damage to the kiln or kiln shelves and you may be billed for it. ($50 minimum)

You cannot glaze your pieces in the studio. You are responsible for transporting your glazed pieces to the studio if you are not using our glazing services. We recommend letting your glazed piece dry for 24 hours, then wrapping it up in a soft cloth or paper towel before transporting it.

Packing materials cannot be left on site.

Glazing services (see other page): Clear glaze. Set rate for half-round kiln shelf: $45

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