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Children’s dish set

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A set of porcelain dishes with double handles. Perfect for little hands. Thrown on the potter’s wheel, flowers are hand-painted with colored clay.
The perfect size to help your child learn how to handle fragile dishware. Thick and shock-resistant, these pieces feature kid-friendly round edges. The shapes are slightly closed to keep spills at bay.
In the spirit of sustainable consumption, this versatile bowl does double duty. Use it for soups and stews or a full meal with proteins, grains and veggies! Ideal for kid-sized portions!
Bol : 15 x 5 cm Tasse : 7 x 6 x 13 cm

Each piece is made by hand. Shapes and colors may vary slightly.


To keep your dishes in top shape, hand wash and keep microwave use to a minimum because uneven heating can damage ceramic. But as a mom, I know that sometimes you don’t have a minute to spare! So if you need a break, let your dishwasher do the work!

Safe packaging

Each order is carefully packaged to withstand the shipping process, no matter where you live! I guarantee that it will arrive in one piece! Read more about shipping here.

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