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Small bowl with scalloped gold rim

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Ceramic bowl with a 14K gold rim. Each scallop is carefully carved by hand. Choose off-white or speckled. The small size makes it perfect for snacks or sides.
10 x 7,5 cm | Approximate capacity: 300 mL

Each piece is made by hand. Shapes and colors may vary slightly.


To enjoy your piece for as long as possible, wash carefully by hand and keep microwave use to a minimum. But your time can be just as precious as your ceramics! If you put your piece in the dishwasher, just make sure it won't knock into any other ceramic or glass objects. Place it between plastic objects or away from other dishes and glassware. Note: Gold may wash off if put in the dishwasher. Do not put pieces with gold in the microwave.

Safe packaging

Each order is carefully packaged to withstand the shipping process, no matter where you live! I guarantee that it will arrive in one piece! Read more about shipping here.

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